Affiliate Program – Athletic Cases

Affiliate Program

Now you can get paid referring your viewers to us!

  • Earn commission for each sale you bring in.
  • Get assigned a Promo Code. Whenever someone purchases a product using your Promo Code, they receive 10% off on our site and you receive $3 per case sold! 
  • We will also assign you a custom link that leads to our site that you can advertise. If the customer clicks on this link and makes a purchase within 15 days, you will still be credited with the sale even if they don't use your promo code!
  • Get a 15 second video ad with your promo code edited in (Youtube Affiliates)
  • Fast & easy commission payments through Paypal
  • Track every sale through your own dashboard

Please be advised. We have limited spots available in our Affiliate program. After we review your application you will either receive an approval email, or a rejection email within 2-3 business days. 

If you have any questions about the registration process email us at: